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Rajendra Pachauri

The Climate Challenge (PDF: 410 KB)

Rajendra Pachauri - Read More…

Zhores Alferov (NP Phys 2000)

Is Solar Energy Conversion an Option for Solving the Energy Problem? (PDF: 748 KB)

Zhores Alferov (NP Phys 2000) - Read More…

Daniel Kammen

Bioenergy and Sustainability (PDF: 1,3 MB)

Daniel Kammen - Read More…

James Mirrlees (NP Econ 1996)

Evaluating Climate-Change Policies (PDF: 15,5 KB)

James Mirrlees (NP Econ 1996) - Read More…

Sunita Narain

Equitable Development (PDF: 1,1 MB )

Sunita Narain - Read More…

Wolfgang Lucht

A comment about human use of the biosphere (PDF: 796 KB)

Wolfgang Lucht - Read More…

George Poste

Synthetic Biology and Sustainability (PDF: 3,9 MB)

George Poste - Read More…

John Sulston (NP Med 2002)

The World-Wide Knowledge Domain (PDF: 167 KB)

John Sulston (NP Med 2002) - Read More…