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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Action Performed by Date and Time Comment
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Day 2 of Symposium

Venue: New Palace Theatre, Potsdam (Directions)
Time: 08:40 – 16:30

8:40 The Road to Bali Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for the Environment
9:00 Amartya Sen (NP Econ 1998) & Nicolas Stern in Dialogue - by video

Session III: Sustainable Development

Chair: Mohamed Hassan


9:20 Evaluating Climate-Change Policies James Mirrlees (NP Econ 1996)
9:40 Equitable Development Sunita Narain
10:00 The Urbanized Planet Geoffrey West

10:20 Coffee Break

11:00 Complexity and Sustainability Murray Gell-Mann (NP Phys 1969)
11:20 A comment about human use of the biosphere Wolfgang Lucht
11:40 Synthetic Biology and Sustainability George Poste

12:00 Panel Discussion 3

Chair: Ernst Ulrich v. Weizsäcker
Participants: Diana Liverman, Rudolph Marcus (NP Chem 1992), Kirit Parikh
Rapporteur: Johan Rockström


13:00 Lunch Break


Session IV: Agendas & Policies for the Future

Chair: Jim Leape

14:00 The World-Wide Knowledge Domain John Sulston (NP Med 2002)
14:20 Summaries from Sessions I-III Panel Chairs & Rapporteurs


15:00 Concluding Plenary Discussion on Envisaged “Potsdam Memorandum”

Chair and Introduction: Klaus Töpfer

16:00 Science for Sustainability Frieder Meyer-Krahmer, State Secretary for Education and Research
16:20 Final Remarks Hans Joachim Schellnhuber

16:30 End of Symposium