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Key Aims of the Symposium

The St. James’s Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium was designed to have a significant positive impact on the policy-making process in the lead up to the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in 2009. It aimed to achieve this by bringing together expertise from the Nobel Laureate community with expert perspectives on climate science and its implications. In doing so, the Symposium deepened the understanding of these matters amongst both groups, as well as enabling the formulation of a clear, public position supported by all participants.


In particular, the Symposium:

  • Highlighted the latest scientific advances that go beyond the conclusions of the IPCC;
  • Examined current and potential responses to address climate change, including confronting rainforest destruction, the development of international frameworks, and technology innovations;
  • Explored the role of the scientific community in engaging with wider society to tackle climate change.

It is intended that the Symposium will influence the climate policy debate beyond Copenhagen, as well as the thinking and action within wider scientific, commercial and civil society communities. In support of these wider goals, the Symposium involved a wide range of non-Laureates in a major cultural event during the course of the event, and will be followed by a series of communications targeted at these communities.