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HRH The Prince of Wales

The St. James’s Palace Nobel Laureate Symposium was hosted with the patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.
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One of the themes discussed during the Symposium was that of rainforests and the critical role they play in mitigating climate change. This is an issue of the most critical importance for HRH The Prince of Wales, who established The Prince’s Rainforests Project in 2007. Its aim is to find solutions to the global emergency of tropical rainforest deforestation, by making the trees worth more alive than dead, and by identifying the ways in which the developed nations can assist the rainforest countries in making the transition to sustainable development, enabling them to improve the standards of living while maintaining forest cover.

HRH The Prince of Wales set out on this ambitious project with the explicit aim of building a broad partnership, involving governments, companies, non-projects and forest peoples. The team is currently consulting on an emergency funding package for rainforests and simultaneously they have created a worldwide awareness campaign to educate people on the importance of rainforests in mitigating climate change and engage them in the issue. The key message being conveyed is that destruction of the rainforests around the world has real and serious consequences for each and every one of us, today and for generations to follow.